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What a joy it was to attend a workshop with the Sharon and Rhonda, held at the Sisters of St Joseph, Centre for Reflective Living at Baulkham Hills. I arrived not sure what the workshop would entail and as we walked to the room I apologised up front for my lack of creativity when it comes to art. I was then told we were going to make scarves and this excited me as I am a casual employee of the Centre, and I have over the years seen the beautiful scarves that have been made by the Sisters of the Dreaming in Penrith. I have purchased a number and have admired many others and I have been keen to see first-hand how the scarves were made.

The workshop provided not only answers but a wonderful sense of pleasure as I went through the process of painting two scarves. What an encouragement to be told, you can't make a mistake and to be encouraged to take big bold strokes with the paint brush. Choosing colours gave a great sense of freedom and I watched with fascination as the salt did its work.

Rhonda and Sharon were wonderful teachers and such a great encouragement throughout the whole process and I valued watching them as they also created.

I will wear my handiwork with pride and with thanksgiving for the opportunity I have had to do something creative and to have such fun. I am sure I will continue to get much enjoyment as I reflect on the process and the new friends I have made.

Ellen Yule
Castle Hill

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