CCSS Manager’s Vatican Radio interview for World Meeting of Families


CCSS World Meeting of Families Vatican Radio News Story
Ann O’Brien during her Vatican Radio interview.

CatholicCare Social Services - Diocese of Parramatta (CCSS) Senior Manager Ann O’Brien has been interviewed by Vatican Radio during the 7th World Meeting of Families in Milan, Italy.

The World Meeting of Families (30 May to 3 June) is a major project of the Vatican, with officials and representatives of family-promoting Non Government Organisations and groups coming together to discuss the theme “The Family: Work and Celebration”.

Ann and her husband Peter are representing the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta at the Conference, along with Diocesan Seminarian Jack Green, his parents Stuart and Donna and sister Anna.

“Vatican Radio interviewed me on the first evening of the Conference, as they were interested in the fact we had come all the way from Australia to attend this Conference,” Ann said.

The journalist asked questions about our interest, what we thought the issues facing families of today are and also what our hope for the future if the family is.

He was especially interested in what we thought the Pope would offer to the world by supporting this Family Conference.”

The Parramatta Diocesan representatives have been joined in Milan by thousands of delegates from more than 110 countries. Up to one million people are expected at the Conference’s final Mass, to be celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI.

We are here with thousands of others from many different countries - so it’s a mixture of all nationalities, ages and types and some in national dress, and very colourful also. There are hundreds of volunteers around ready to help,” Ann said.

They are mainly young people with bright smiles and enthusiasm.”

Indulgences connected with the World Meeting of Families

The Apostolic Penitentiary has issued a decree granting Indulgences to the faithful for the 7th World Meeting of Families.

Faithful who are unable to participate in the event may nevertheless obtain a Plenary Indulgence under the usual conditions, namely sacramental Confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer in keeping with intentions of the Supreme Pontiff, if, spiritually bonded to the faithful gathered in Milan, they recite the Our Father, the Creed and other devout prayers calling on Divine Mercy to grant that the faithful may be ‘truly penitent and stimulated by charity, they may dedicate themselves to the sanctification of the family, following the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph’, particularly when the words of the Pontiff are transmitted by radio and television”.

A Partial Indulgence is granted to the faithful whenever, during that period, they pray with a contrite heart for the good of families”.

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