Celebrating the Early Years of Marriage 2013



The Celebrating the Early Years of Marriage event was organized by the Marriage and Family Relationship Education Services of CatholicCare Social Services, to promote and highlight the importance and value of marriage and to give parishioners of the Parramatta Diocese an opportunity to show their support for marriage.

Supporting couples in their marriage is very important and research has shown the benefit and importance of a strong and committed couple relationship as a secure cradle for raising children. CatholicCare felt there was an opportunity to show support for those couples embarking on marriage and to validate the struggle and sometimes more difficult tasks of raising a family as well as maintaining a strong couple relationship in the early years of marriage.

On Sunday 28th April there were lots of families enjoying the beautiful day and wonderful surroundings of the Mercy Congregation Centre. Very Rev Fr Christopher de Souza VG officiated at the Mass and welcomed guests with a blessing before lunch as well as enjoying time meeting the families and couples who attended.

To view the photos from the day click here.

We would welcome any feedback or suggestions about this event or other event ideas in support of families and marriage.

Please contact Karin Abrams.

Coordinator Marriage Education Services, Phone 02 9933 0222.

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