Countdown to Walk As One launch


An engaging mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders in their fields will share their experiences, expertise and passion at Caritas Australia’s inaugural Walk As One forum in Sydney from 25 to 26 August.

Hosted by the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern, the forum will mark the opening of the Catholic international aid and development agency’s 2012/13 advocacy campaign – Walk As One: Connecting with the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous communities around the world are facing injustices which keep them trapped in a cycle of poverty. Many issues, such as language barriers, land rights and conflict, have a particular impact on Indigenous Peoples, which contribute to this cycle.

Through the 2012/13 advocacy campaign, Caritas supporters will join together to seek solutions to these challenges, calling on the federal government to improve Australia’s foreign aid program and policies as they relate to Indigenous Peoples, and promoting respect for and compliance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Action plans to create positive change

Over the two-day Walk As One Forum, 200 Indigenous and non-Indigenous delegates will come together to build cross-cultural relationships and participate in open and constructive discussions.

Delegates will choose from a series of high quality workshops, designed to be inclusive, entertaining and hands-on in:

  • Understanding the topical issues and challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples in countries around the world
  • Learning the tools and skills for influencing change in different spheres such as media and politics
  • Building cross-cultural relationships with change-leaders
  • Creating campaigns and action plans

The forum will identify actions and tools required to address the challenges many Indigenous Peoples face nationally and internationally.

By the forum's conclusion, delegates will have gained skills and knowledge needed to design and implement their own action plans to create positive change.

Whether your particular interest is advocacy, campaigning, policy or just getting to understand the vibrancy of Indigenous identities at a deeper level, this will be an unforgettable learning experience for all involved.

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