Families: beacons for a more compassionate and just society


Catholic Outlook September 2012 Social Justice Reflection
Families are the basis of our community of faith and the very foundation of society; they can be beacons for a more compassionate and just society.

From the Catholic Outlook September 2012 Reflection of Sr Louise McKeogh FMA, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Social Justice Coordinator.

Lately, I have had the occasion to attend a couple of family functions, and in the course of the conversation at both functions, as it inevitably does at all family gatherings, we came around to issues of justice and faith (with a bit of politics thrown in too). Not only because these issues are topical but because I believe they touch the reality of our daily lives.

My nephew has recently joined the Army and may be heading off to Afghanistan soon, and each and every one of us has our thoughts and ways of living for peace.

Then there is my niece who is looking at some short-term mission and teacher training experience in Vietnam, and each and every one of us has our thoughts on faith and mission.

A cousin was sharing with me the economic difficulties of work and family at this time. Work, financial and family pressures are creating some stress at this stage.

I am sure that many of these issues are faced by many families daily. But just how do we develop our justice values in such situations? How do we daily live Catholic Social Teaching and Gospel values?

I remember as a child sitting around the kitchen table on many occasions and the conversation around the table was sharing the thoughts, concerns and events of the day.

My parents open-ended questions, receiving each of our thoughts about the particular situations in our particular work or school place.

Somewhere along the line there was always someone who brought in a Scripture passage that had something to say to that particular situation 

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