Gerringong Spirituality Weekend


On the weekend of 30 April to 2 May, approximately 50 people attended the Spirituality Weekend. This weekend was special because of the attendance of a people from a wide age range. We would especially like to mention the attendance for the first time of a number of teenagers and young mums and dads. There was a very generous and willing sharing of jobs such as washing up and cleaning and caring for the little ones. The teenagers were especially helpful.

The following are comments from some of the participants:

'It was lovely, the best. It was great to see my kids associating with other kids instead of sitting around playing games at home. It was so peaceful to get away from the rat race. The beach is beautiful.' [Kerry, a mother attending for the first time]

'It was fun. I liked the beach the best. There was a sunset on the beach, orange and yellow. It made me feel calm.' [Uriah, 13 years]

'I thought the place where we stayed was good with wonderful views. It was good to get away with our family. My partner and I don't really mingle with other groups. Mostly we do things with our own families and it is good to get to know a lot of other people. I learnt a lot of things from the elders too. I am so glad that we could come along and I thank everyone that we could join in. I hope we can do it again sometime.

I have been coming to the Centre for 12 months now and ACSS has brought our family much tighter together. We wouldn't be as close as we are for without ACSS. I listened to the words at Mass about being family. I learnt a lot from the trip.' [Tyrone - a young dad with a toddler and a new baby]

'It was good walking to the beaches and fishing. Sitting around and talking was good too.' [Kayla, 16 years]

'It was exciting playing with my friends and getting knocked on my back by the waves.' [Benjali, 11 years]

'I had an excellent time and my babies really enjoyed themselves. Kiara (16 months) didn't want to get out of the water at the beach. Deakin (three years) enjoyed picking up all the seashells and we have a collection to take home.' [Marsha, a young mother]

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