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By Artist and Team Member Janice Brown. Learn more about the meaning of the artwork here 

ACSS supports ATSI people in this area through various comprehensive, and culturally appropriate programs designed to help contribute to their social well-being and attainment of self-sufficiency.


ACSS Team Members

  • Organise Welcome to Country and Cultural Performances for school/community events;        
  • Provide social justice, cultural awareness and educational talks for school students and community; 
  • Provide support and advocacy eg, DoCS Courts, Housing, Centrelink etc. 
  • Visit prisons, homes and hospitals;
  • Are involved in Circle Sentencing Court (two Members);
  • Develop leadership and organisational skills through participation in comprehensive training workshops.


  • The services provided in this area include liaising with the Housing Department on behalf of Aboriginal applicants, attending appointments with them, and assisting with relocation when accommodation becomes available.
  • ACSS also provides this assistance to female Aboriginals on their release from the Bolwarra Transitional Centre, especially those who lack family support, through liaison with the Correctional Centre Aboriginal Liaison Officer and the appropriate social agencies.


ACSS is constantly strengthening its presence in Western Sydney and has partnerships with various bodies in the area. This enables ACSS to expand its level of service delivery tot he Aboriginal community through referrals to these agencies, where appropriate.Current partnerships include:

  • Penrith Women's Health Centre.
  • The Men's Shed.
  • Carers NSW Indigenous Program. 
  • South West Sydney Area Health.

ACSS also works with representatives of Non-Government organisations and Government Departments who are able to provide information, advice and support on particular issues.

Members also participate in community consultations in order to provide input on decisions that may affect the Aboriginal community.

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