Counselling & Education

CatholicCare Social Services (CCSS) assists individuals, couples, children and families to develop and maintain safe, supportive, healthy and enriching relationships. CCSS ‘Counselling & Education’ services and programs include:

CCSS Counselling & Education Financial Counselling
Financial Counselling

The Financial Counselling Service specifically provides financial counselling, as well as gambling and family counselling.


CCSS Counselling & Education services Relationship Education
Relationship Education 

This service includes education for couples, parenting education and post-separation groups for adults, parents and children.


CCSS Counselling & Education services Responsible Gambling
Responsible Gambling Counselling

This service assists gamblers and their families to deal with the issues and problems caused by gambling.


Counselling & Education Relationship Family Counselling
Relationship and Family Counselling

This service provides marriage and relationship counselling for couples, individuals and families who are entering or having difficulties with their marriage or a relationship, or who have lost a relationship through separation, divorce or death.


CCSS Counselling & Education services Solo Parents' Ministry
Solo Parent Services

This ministry provides care and support for those who have been affected by the death of a spouse or partner, and those who have experienced separation or divorce.


External Contracted Services

CCSS supplies External Contracted Services to other organisations as well as to individuals. Services include Employee Assistance Programs, Contracted Counselling Services, Clinical supervision for counsellors, Placements for student counsellors and Work Development Order.