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External Contracted Services

CCSS External Contracted Services
CCSS External Contracted Services

CCSS supplies the following External Contracted Services to other organisations as well as to individuals:

·         Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) – These involve an employer organisation paying for their employees to access counselling services, through CCSS, to discuss either work-related or personal issues which are distressing them. 

·         Contracted counselling services – A contracted counselling service entails CCSS providing counselling to the clients of another organisation.

·         Clinical supervision for counsellors (including qualified psychologists and social workers) – Clinical supervision is essentially a process where counsellors seek support and advice from a supervisor concerning how to handle a particular client or a particular type of client issue.  Professional bodies generally require that counsellors have clinical supervision on an ongoing basis, since this is part of best practice.  CCSS offers clinical supervision, on a fee-paying basis, to counsellors from other organisations (who may not have someone appropriate in their own organisation to provide clinical supervision) and to counsellors who work in private practice.

·         Placements for student counsellors – Students completing a counselling qualification are often required to complete a certain number of hours of client contact to graduate.  CCSS offers student placements to a small number of student counsellors each year to enable them to complete these hours of client contact.  As part of each student placement, CCSS ensures that the student counsellor receives clinical supervision, from an experienced counsellor, both to help them develop their counselling skills and to guarantee that the student is providing a high quality counselling service to CCSS clients.

·         Work and Development Orders (WDOs) scheme – CCSS helps to administer the NSW Government’s WDO scheme.  WDOs apply to situations where a person has been issued with a fine (eg. for traffic offences) by the State Dept Recovery Office.  WDOs allow the person to clear the fine through undertaking certain approved activities – such as volunteer work or an education program – rather than through payment of the fine.  To be eligible for a WDO, a person must be able to show that they would have trouble paying off their fine because they are homeless, have a mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment, or because they are experiencing acute economic hardship.

All of the above services are supplied by CCSS, on a fee-paying basis, apart from the WDO scheme.  These fees enable CCSS to cross-subsidise work with the more disadvantaged, vulnerable clients who form the bulk of our client load and who cannot afford to pay very much for our services.

If you or your organisation is interested in accessing any of the External Contracted Services, which CCSS provides, please contact the External Contracted Services Co-ordinator at CCSS.  The External Contracted Services Co-ordinator is currently Tamara Pallos, at the Parramatta branch (ph: 9933 0222).

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