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Family Relationship Services

CCSS Relationship Family Counselling

The Family Relationship Services comprises of a team of qualified and experienced counsellors and group facilitators who aim to deliver a client focused, affordable and accessible relationship counselling, education and skill building support to individuals, couples, parents and their children who seek support to get through challenging personal, family or unexpected life events and circumstances that can impact on their relationships with others and loss of connection to community

This service provides 4 programs:

  • Counselling for individuals, couples, families and their children
  • Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM): Post Separation services for parents whose children are experiencing ongoing conflict  after  their parents separate. Includes group work, case management, counselling,  and referral support

  • Educational groups and workshops for  adults and children

  • External Contracted Services

A sliding scale of fees applies for all services, and concessions are always available and negotiable with your counsellor or group facilitator. No one is turned away if paying fees becomes a problem.

Please group--education-calendar--2017-2.pdf click here for the 2017 Group Education Calendar.

Trained counsellors are available across 5 sites in the Western Sydney basin:

Blacktown  (head office )

Ground Floor

38 Prince Street

Blacktown NSW 2148

By appointment 8822 2222  ( Mondays 9 to 8pm, Tuesdays, 9 to 8pm, Wednesdays 9 to 5pm, Thursdays 9 to 8pm , Fridays  9 to 5pm, Saturdays 9 to 1 pm)


Ground Floor

Ann D Clark Centre

2 A Villiers Street

Parramatta NSW 2150

8822 2222 for appointments (Mondays 12 to 8pm, Wednesdays 12 to 8pm)

Springwood Drop In Centre

3/163 Macquarie Street

Springwood NSW 2777

By appointment   4751 4980 or 8822 2222 or drop in (Mondays, Wednesdays and  Thursdays 10 to 4pm)


CCSS office

St Nicholas of Myra Parish Centre

326 High Street

Penrith, NSW   2751

By appointment    8822 2266 or 8822 2222 (Wednesdays 9 to 5pm)


Aboriginal Catholic Services (ACS)

Corner of Emert Parade and Weber Crescent (entry via Emert Parade)

Emerton NSW  2770

By appointment  96280084 or 8822 2222  or drop in( Tuesdays 9 to 5pm or  Wednesday  11 to 2pm).


Counselling for all individuals, couples, families and their children

The team of experienced and qualified counsellors work with clients to empower and bring hope to individuals’ lives, to strengthen and be supportive of healthy relationships and  focus to improve children’s wellbeing and connection to others and community.

Counsellors  work with couples to strengthening their personal, couple, and parenting relationships and  to build family cohesion when it is safe to do so.


Parenting after Separation 1800 55 46 46

KKIM is a Sydney wide program for those parents whose children are experiencing ongoing conflict between their parents after separation. Parents are offered support through attending a 5 week psycho educational KKIM group including a pre group interview and follow up services if requested. This service can include post separation case management and family law counselling.  KKIM groups are run across the Sydney Basin for the convenience of parents who have relocated.  Separated parents seeking court required attendance at a Post Separation course can self-refer.  Legal practitioners, NGO services and other practitioners can make enquiries on behalf of their clients. Bookings and enquiries   can be made by contacting the KKIM service at our Blacktown office on 1800 55 46 46

Educational and skills building groups and workshops for workers, parents and their children

The Family Relationship Services team offer a range of educational and skill building groups and workshops throughout the year.


Please group--education-calendar--2017-2.pdf click here for the 2017 Group Education Calendar.


Preliminary group bookings contact 02 8822 2222

Further enquiries can be made to:


Group Descriptions

Keeping Kids in Mind for parents after separation where there is ongoing conflict. This is an interactive course designed to build parental capacity to reflect on the impact of their own behaviour on their children’s wellbeing, to focus on strengthening their own parenting relationship with their child and build skills to communicate more effectively with the other parent.  A certificate of attendance is issued after the 5 sessions.

Rollercoasters for Kids whose parents are or have separated. This group programme has been designed to support primary-aged kids and their families struggling with family separation. It addresses key needs for changing families:

  • To provide a safe and confidential place for kids to meet and talk  with other kids experiencing similar family circumstances
  • For kids  to experience having  their feelings validated

  • For kids  to practice expressing these feelings appropriately

  • An opportunity for  kids to practice and learn  self-calming techniques

  • parents, who want only the best for their children, are offered ongoing support

  • Parents benefit by feeling connected and understood that they want the best for their children during this difficult time.

  • Kid’s voices have been heard and they don’t feel they face family changes alone.

  • FRS staff will be able to support family members to connect to ongoing support services as required. 

My Kids and Me for parents whose children are in Out of Home or kinship care. Parents  whose child or children are no longer in their  own care are invited to attend this course  designed to  support self-discovery -  to  acquire knowledge about themselves and others, useful information, increased confidence  and increased insights on their  pathway to self-improvement. The course uses a series of interactive clinical activities using a range of metaphors for each of the seven weeks which are designed to instigate discussion and promote learning and involvement.

Bringing Up Great Kids for parents wanting to enjoy and make parenting together more effective. A fun and interactive series including mindful practice and skill building, these sessions allow parents to learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective as well as identify the important messages they want to convey to their children and learn about brain development in children to understand how these messages can best be given. Parents also explore how to overcome some of the obstacles getting in the way of them being the kind of parent they would like to be and the importance of self-care, for parents.

Cool Little Kids for preschool parents whose pre-schoolers are experiencing anxiety.  Workshops and seminrs can be arranged according to demand for parents of pre-schoolers experiencing and struggling with anxiety and associated behaviours.

Cool Kids for primary/ or high school-aged children and their parents, for children who are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety. Cognitive Behavioural therapeutic techniques are taught over seven sessions to the children with parental involvement for three of those sessions. This programme was designed by the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University. A take home workbook for both child and parent forms part of the course.

Bringing Baby Home (BBH) workshop series for new or soon to be parents. This interactive program was designed by John Gottman, a couple relationship researcher, to fill an identified void in couple preparation in for their transition from couple to parenthood.  BBH addresses three needs: what to expect during the transition to becoming new parents, skill building to strengthen the couple relationship and provide a cradle of parental support for the baby and ways to nurture and maximise a child’s relationship development together.  The benefits of the course are far reaching:

  • the quality of the couple improves with reduced couple hostility
  • parents experience better mental health wellbeing

  • fathers can feel more involved and satisfied with their roles as parents

  • infants show fewer language delays and more easily able to be soothed.

FRS enquiries :

Karolyn Ellis Manager   FRS 

8822 2222

External Contracted Services

Family Relationship Services staff are trained and qualified to provide tailored contracted services to individuals and workers from other services and organisations.

Counselling services - FRS counsellors can provide contracted counselling to clients from other services which are targeted according to the needs of the referring service and client.

Clinical Supervision - Clinical supervision is essentially a process where a counsellor and trained supervisor create a working space for reflection on best practice whilst keeping the client in mind.  Fully qualified counsellors, who are eligible for membership to professional bodies such as PACFA and AHPRA, are required to seek ongoing clinical supervision as part of membership requirements. FRS has qualified supervisors on the team who are able to provide this supervision on a fee paying basis to workers from other services and organisations.

Placements for Student counsellors – Student counsellors in their final term of study are often required to complete a certain number of client contact hours in order to qualify and graduate. From time to time FRS can offer a student placement to a small number of suitable student counsellors to enable them to complete their hours of client contact. As part of the contract an experienced counsellor is assigned to the student to ensure they receive regular clinical supervision and to help them develop sound counselling and personal skills and to guarantee the student counsellor is providing a high quality counselling service to the clients. Student counsellors pay a fee for the placement. Clients are informed prior to an appointment with a student counsellor and have the option to decline.