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Healing and Support

Healing and Support

The Healing and Support Service is a therapeutic case management service for people affected by childhood sexual abuse or any other abuse, perpetrated by a person or persons working for the church in the Diocese of Parramatta. The service involves providing information, an assessment of need, appropriate referrals for counselling or other services, crisis intervention and assisting the affected person determine what would constitute an appropriate healing response from the Diocese.  

The Healing and Support Service is available for anyone directly affected by the abuse. We are also available to assist any family or friends of a person affected by the abuse. The service can be provided by telephone, emails, skype, or by face to face meetings.The professional staff can support the affected person in whatever choices they make to follow through with a complaint or to report an incident.

The Healing and Support Service can assist the person in taking their complaint to the police, in deciding whether they wish to pursue a civil action, or proceeding with Towards Healing.A quality, professional and well managed service is provided that is flexible enough to support clients through their healing journey.

Contact:    Healing and Support Service  -  CatholicCare Social Services    Phone us on (02) 9933 0222  or  (02) 9933 0233  or email us at


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